Bee's 2014 Training Calendar

 There are many training tools available today to guide your intensity of training to include Heart Rate Monitors, Power Meters, Cadence, and the Borg RPE (Rating of Perceived Exertion) Scale. 

The Borg RPE scale is a tool you use to subjectively determine your own intensity level. The original Borg RPE scale runs from 6 - 20 with 6 reflecting no exertion and 20 reflection maximal exertion. 

"Rating of perceived exertion (or "effort and exertion") are important complements to physiological measurements. Of all single indicators of the degree of physical strain, perceived exertion is one of the most informative. It integrates a great amount of information, with cues from the peripheral muscles and joints, cardiovascular and respiratory functions, and the central nervous system" 

The above article contains both the Borg's RPE scale and the Borg's CR-10 scale (modified version)

The American College of Sports Medicine comments on Perceived Exertions also reflects the Borg RPE scale. 

The Borg RPE referenced in my training calendar above is subjective for my level of training. Your level of training should reflect your subjective determination of your intensity level. 

If using Heart Rate zones, remember Max Heart Rate (MHR) is activity specific. Your MHR for cycling will be different from your MHR for Running. For best results, conduct a field test for each activity to determine your MHR for each activity. 

To view the abstract on the "Transferability of running and cycling training zones in triathletes: implications for steady-state exercise" click here


Always, seek council from your Medical Doctors before starting any exercise program and keep them inform.


Contact me here if you have questions. Ride safe, Bee