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First, BikeFit fitting system is the second oldest in the world with a successful history.  BikeFit products are used by Olympic Champions, World Champions, and Grand Tour winner, as well as average athletes.

The BikeFit Fitting System is based on angles and alignments; and incorporates analysis of the front and rear view in addition to the side view. As BikeFit Pro Fitter, I use a multidimensional approach to look at every aspect of the cyclist and his/her connection to the three contact points on the bike. Emphasis is placed on the five elements of the pedal and cleat interface.

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Let's talk SADDLE
Are you comfortable on your saddle? I have discovered over the years riding various saddles that I prefer a wider saddle with a touch of gel and a cutout. Each rider will have her/his own preference based on anatomy, riding style and choice of cycling shorts (thickness in cycling shorts padding). Check out this detailed, insightful article with pressure maps, graphics and home tests:

Bottomline: Your saddle needs to be wide enough, flat enough, firm enough and may require a cut out.

PEDALS - What is your preference? (article coming soon)

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