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Bike Fit Pro
FitKit Technician

Get Bike Fit

Why invest in a Bike Fit?

Every cyclist has distinct body proportions, flexibility, individual riding style and specific goals, so it's important to ensure your bike fit is correct for you. 

BikeFit fitting system is the second oldest in the world with a successful history. BikeFit products are used by Olympic Champions, World Champions, and Grand Tour winner, as well as average athletes. 

Fit Kit Fitting system is well know in the global bicycle industry with a goal to help each rider find a safe starting position on their bike.

As a certified BikeFit Pro Fitter and FitKit Fitting technician, I use a multi-dimensional approach based on angles and measurements to look at every aspect of the cyclist and his/her connection to the three contact points on the bike. I place emphasis on the five critical elements of the pedal and cleat interface and customize the fit to the cyclist feedback. 

Bike Fitting Services available - 

Bike FitKit Analysis 
The Bike FitKit analysis will evaluate your current bike fit to include angle measurements, knee alignment, and provide suggestions to improve your starting position.

Benefits of a Bike FitKit Analysis-
  • Provides a critical eye to your current fit
  • Provides a starting position for your ride
Bike Fit
The Bike Fit takes the bike fit analysis to the next level. Bike Fit will include angle measurements, knee alignments, forefoot measurements, and detailed adjustments to the three contact points.

Benefit of a BikeFit -
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Improved Comfort
  • Better Ride
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USA Cycling certified Coach 
USA Cycling Official


Why do I need a Coach?

Many self-coached athletes have been successful. However, it can be difficult for those with busy schedules who do not have the time to plan out a training program or need feedback to correct some skill deficiency.

If you want to get ready for a specific event or type of event, a coach can assist you in developing a unique plan to meet those specific needs. 

Benefits of a Coach include: 
  • Feedback on your training plan
  • Keep you on track and committed to your plan
  • Help you set goals and select events
  • Challenge you to push the envelope 
  • Motivate and hold you accountable
A coach may also serve other roles, including teaching you the nuances and history of the sport as well as introducing you into your local cycling scene. 

Coaching Services available -
  • 30 minutes Q&A with a Coach
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Workshops
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USA Cycling Official

USA Cycling (USAC) is the governing body for cycling in the United States.

USAC Officials reinforce good sportsmanship. We provide objective observations from the best advantage point to determine placings and proper conduct. 

We allow the competitors to focus all their attention on their own performance, safe in the knowledge someone is “watching the other guy”. 

For more information on the 
Mid-Atlantic Cycling Officials click Here.

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Lov2Cycle is committed to empower you to be a better cyclist, and the first step is increased awareness.

We enjoy sharing our knowledge and resources and invite you to start here.

The link above will take you to the original homesite of Lov2Cycle that contains an extended breadth of information, links and resources. 

Information includes -

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